Our Mission

Quantum Solutions Corporation offers enterprise personalized, highly flexible software that creates efficiency and accuracy in the ever-changing complexities of the human service provider environment.

Our Vision

We work shoulder to shoulder with our Client agencies. Their world is our world. As their technology partner, we jointly seek best and promising practices to maximize efficiency in their ever-changing environment. Our clients are our passion - we think and feel the way they think and feel. We are an extension of them.

About Quantum

We offer solutions that cover every aspect of an agency's operations - from human resources to fundraising. Every component can be personalized to meet each agency's reporting requirements and preferred work processes.
Collaboration continues to spur new development at Quantum, especially through our Client Agency community. It's just one way we stay closely attuned to the people we serve.

We understand your needs.

And the best way we can demonstrate that understanding is by offering you a guarantee that no other software provider can equal. When your agency is subjected to new regulations or requirements, we will update your software to comply with these mandated changes at no cost.