Getting Started

Here is some of the information you may wish to gather in advance to help us prepare a more detailed project plan:

  • How many programs comprise your agency service offerings?

  • What is the order in which your agency wishes to implement these programs?

  • Priorities for implementation? We typically focus on direct service delivery documentation/billing for all programs and then add functionality or modules of the software once all daily documentation of service delivery is being accomplished for all programs. The only exceptions to this rule are Supported/Sheltered Workshops as we track several pieces of information for this type of program and find it easier to include all as we implement.

  • Identification of key project team members.

  • Necessary hardware to be implemented – do we need PCs? Do the sites have broadband internet access? If no, discussion of plans to acquire?

  • If your agency offers residential services, how many facilities or group homes does your agency have?

  • Training facilities – does your agency have a convenient location where you might be able to have PC access for several staff at once for training purposes. If not, agencies often work around this by doing one-on-one training, but this may change or slow our schedule for implementation.

  • Does documentation differ from program area to program area or does the agency currently utilize standardized program reports for Incident Reports, Monthly or Quarterly Progress Summaries, and ISP (treatment plans)? If these reports differ by program/service this is fine, but will take longer to implement. You may wish to consider standardizing these forms across the agency in order to make training easier and implementation/rollout faster. If changes are to be make to forms this must be finished prior to beginning Project Management.

  • Identification of key project team members.